Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Commentary on guest speakers - something you learned & something you still would lik more clarification on.

I really enjoyed the guest speakers, I’ve meet them before and they have helped me answer a lot of questions. They are always peppy, professional and willing to help you with anything. I wish that I could be that way every day walking into the classroom. I’m definitely going to strive to be more peppy.
I felt like they presented a lot of helpful information even though I was familiar with some of the information. I was surprised to hear about the job opening in the middle of the year and the early retirement. This but a little bit of hope back into finding a job. Being married and not being able to really move, I knew that the job market has seemed almost nonexistent but maybe it’s not going to be so bad. I wish that I could have taken the opportunity to go abroad and teach. It sounds like such a wonderful opportunity. I really enjoyed that these guys really know about what’s going on in the Iowa schools, they didn’t generalize the whole United States when talking to us.
I thought that the authors had some really great advice when it came to interview questions. I guess I’m still not clear on is exactly what to bring to the interview. I know that I will have a copy of my resume but should I bring a computer just in case to show my eportfolio? Should I make a slideshow of images along with lesson plans to show the interviewers or should I bring in a few examples of work that the students did in my classroom.

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