Tuesday, November 16, 2010

comments on guest speaker

I really enjoyed the guest speaker; I was interested in hearing about things to expect during the first and second year of teaching. I think that it’s great to have someone to help mentor you. I know how it feels to student teach and have a question that needs answered might as well be doing it all on your own. I think she gave a great handout that had information that I will read more into when I graduated. Teaching all day and then coming to class can take a lot out of you so I’m thankful for the handout to look at later. I’m so overwhelmed with information and graduation that I’m just focusing on graduating and working on my resume.

Questions I would ask a future employer
• Could you tell me about the other educators who would be working with me?
• What classes are offered in the school district for art?
• Are extracurricular assignments available for teachers interested and qualified?
• What professional development opportunities are offered to the staff

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