Friday, January 8, 2010

updated pics of jades new room

This is the paper chandelier that I made for jade. First I took 14 gauge wire that I had and bent it into a circle and clamped it together using something I found at Menards. I then took jewelry and hung wire down from the edges of the wire. I then used crimp beads to hook it around the wire ring. I then punched pink and brown circles in two different sizes and used a bright pink seed bead to use between the crimp bead and the paper. I poked holes in the middle of all of the circles; the seed beads come great so that the paper hole won’t slide over the crimp bead. There are two metal rings with paper hanging down them I connected them together with jewelry wire and crimp beads. I didn’t like the color of the wire so I wrapped it with the pink ribbon I had sitting around to go with the rest of her d├ęcor. I then used 3 white hooks and hung them from the ceiling it looks really cute and it didn’t cost that much to make.
2 dollars in paper
less than a dollars worth of crimp beads.
.99 for seed beads
5 dollars for the jewelry wire.
2 for the heavy duty wire.
it actually cost less because I had allot of this already at my house.

This is the new color on the dresser; I thought that I had gotten the same pink as I previously had bought and painted her dresser but come to find out this was darker then the first one so I had to paint over it once again. I like this pink better anyhow. I took off the old handles and added these new ones that look allot more modern then the old antique ones.

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Lorie said...

Very cute! I love the colors! Such a fun girls room!!