Wednesday, January 20, 2010

trying to make my apt more like a home...

I have this tendency to start cleaning and end up doing something else. For instance I wanted to clean out our closet in our walkway and I found this roll of left over shelving paper. At first I really wanted to try to use it like wallpaper and cover the back wall in the kitchen. But........I didn’t have enough and it doesn’t stick as well as I would have liked so I thought why don’t I use it in the hallway. Since its temporary I didn’t use a stencil or anything and I just free handed some grass looking shapes. I really like it but I didn’t think that it was tall enough, so I thought I’m just going to throw some circles on there in two different shapes. I don’t know what it’s supposed to be but I think that it makes the wall between the grass and my picture on the wall works great. Maybe when we move into a house I will try something like this with a stencil and just use a clear glaze over top. It’s a cheaper version then vinyl at least for now.

I needed a quick fix for my jewelry that I wear all the time so I found this multi hook shelf at hobby lobby in the clearence for 4 dollars. I love it. So I had the honey drill a couple hole in the wall in the bathroom and hung it up(I could have dont it but I think he likes it when I ask him to help).

I wish that I would have had a before of this picture. It was a horible eagle picture that Jason had at his old house that he was going to get rid of but I told him to keep it because this is a great frame and that I would find something to do with it. Ta da. I just took some scapbook paper that I had and cut the bigger squares into 3 inch squares and the little one into 1 1/2 inch and so on. I think it looks really good for some scrapbook paper and tape( I will use mod podge later to seal it all) and hung it in the bathroom. I hate Looking at a white wall.

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Vik said...

great creativity. ;) I really like how your hallway looks more alive!