Monday, January 4, 2010

over the last few days.....

I have got the pictures up on the wall in the hallway. They have been sitting there for.......well wwwwaaaaaaay to long(pics later). I have repainted jades dresser in her room it’s now a brighter pink that what it was (pic above is the old pic).

I just bought new handles for her dresser because it was going to be a lot of work sandblasting the old ones and spray painting them. Since it’s so cold out and we don’t have a garage I figured I would just buy new ones since she didn’t like the old ones anyhow. The ones in the above picture are the old ones, when I have another coat of paint on I will show the final.

I also bought this multi hanger piece; it’s a piece of wood with beveled edges and 4 decorative wire hangers. I bought this in hopes to help me keep my necklaces all organized. I haven’t got all my necklaces up but I will. I just feel like I have been full of energy to get things done. I keep getting all these inspirations from other fellow bloggers.