Tuesday, August 31, 2010

student teaching post 1

What do you find most daunting about finishing student teaching and graduating from college?
I fear that all my preparation and hard work working to get to this point won’t necessarily get me a job. The job market is a scary place for teachers. Since I have a family it makes finding a job harder then someone who could just get up and move. I just hope that I will be able to find a job teaching within the next year or two. Writing lesson plans, doing homework, looking for a job and having a family life is a lot of work.
What was the pivotal event that made you decide to become a teacher and enter your teacher preparation program? Employers almost always ask a question similar to this.
The first day of kindergarten I knew I wanted to be an artist, when other kids wanted to play house and be mom I was the famous artist living in Paris. It didn’t hit me till I was in Junior high that I wanted to become a teacher. The only thing I ever felt I was really good at was art, so when everyone was telling me about the horrible art teacher, I was really worried. What was I going to do if she was horrible? I don’t have sports; I’m not smart, how I’m I going to find my place. Who knew that years later she would be one of the most influential people in my life? Junior high is a rough time in some people’s life because of all the changes that happen. She was the first person that made me feel good about myself and that she genuinely cared that I was there. She always pushed me to do better and work harder. She showed me compassion but still was stern. She helped push me to get good grades and I was on honor role till I graduated. She helped me get into art shows and meet people that would help me further my art. As the years went by it only made sense that I wanted to do art and I wanted to connect with students as she did with me.

In what ways will you wardrobe change during student teaching and as a teaching professional?
I feel that my wardrobe will change from semi causal to more sophisticated. Student teaching my wardrobe might be more fashionable and semi causal. When I move more into teaching professionally I feel that I will pay more attention to things as comfortable shoes, jewelry that won’t get in the way of working with art materials, etc. I will buy things that are more expensive and sophisticated but comfortable when I have a career, and when I can afford.

If you could add any article of clothing to your professional wardrobe, what would it be?
I would have to say a simple black dress. A would want a black dress that can be dressed up with the right jewelry, or dressed down by adding a sweater. In the professional world you need to have a wardrobe that can be constantly changing.

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